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My stupid decision!!!
Friday, June 06, 2008 | 6/06/2008 05:59:00 PM |
Never believe i can't even manage my own future.
After suffering a long term of hell flame, i finally realize what
things that is the best for me.
I truly regret what have i done and still am praying for the LORD's
Last night was 6 june,was the most terrible night i have ever experienced.
Know what? i was caught out in a heavy rain,
have all my body wet,
have to sleep at a ferry terminal,
need to watch out for thieves or someone like that,
and cried for all of my mistakes.
What sort of thing should i face next time?
Why am i suffering all of this *thing*?
Am i really really making the most worst decision ever in my life?
Or? Should i regret my own mistakes?
To the FATHER i pray, and with JESUS by our side,
i hope that GOD will never backs me..AMEN

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