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Being criticized or knowing everybody understood you : What hurt the most?
Wednesday, June 24, 2009 | 6/24/2009 01:49:00 PM |
Today is 24 June 2009,
What I would like to share with you all is all about being criticized for the first time by a number of people you would never imagined. Well, it is not too much I guess but what I feel is the one thing most matter. At the very beginning of our lectures today, I have learnt something new for me. Everybody was criticizing me and of course I can accept that all. Look guys, you are all my friends and you don’t have to say sorry for what you all have said to me. In spite, I am the one who supposed to say thank you to you all for backing me up when I am in times of trouble as such. Thank you for being so understanding and I am really sorry for letting the-one-knows-the-best to say those things to you all. Just because of me, you were in trials too. Thank you and I am really2 sorry. I can still remember what have been said to me and I accept it all. But I just want you all to know that I would not blame it all to you because I am the one who supposed to be so.

I am sorry to write this down sir but I really want to say sorry for the bad side of myself that I think it was so hard to be changed. I will try to do so and I hope it would not going to be a load for you all. I was like moody today because I was totally blurred. This would not going to be a good ending for my posts but what I can say is... thanks for reading this.. hope to be accepted by all that I wanted to change in me myself.


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