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10th of july..
Saturday, July 11, 2009 | 7/11/2009 03:22:00 PM |
Hello there,
Th day of yesterday was too busy for me..
I did not do anything other than going to the town with a very special needs..Firstly, I was going to ask Susie if she can go with me, then Sham went interupting and thank you God he did that.. Elvy was then putting her hand up when we were asked if someone was going to the town on the day.. As a conclusion, Me, Sham, Susie, and Elvy would take the same bus.
Going with the first bus was totally a bad idea because we were then asked to get the hell out of there. But, thanks to those who prepare another vehicle for us. then, we arrived at the town, went straight to the bank, and have our Lunch on the spot.

Well, I was too scared at the moment for the amount of money i should carry with.. In addition Elvy was not very Okay and most frightening thing happened was that she would wander around the city by her own... Ish... Risau betul...

Sham and Susie were very cool because they remembered everything happened on their own hometown. Feels like I am so lucky to be with them at the time..
Thank you to Both of Sham and Susie!!!! Thank you!!!!

Now.... Jeng3...


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