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Saturday, June 05, 2010 | 6/05/2010 07:54:00 AM |

On this very moment i write this, i know i have lost someone really precious.

Someone i really trust ever and someone i always rely on.

He is the only person i respected the most only before i write this. Tell me something, will you ever accept if your only one and true best friend have even say this to you?

"sy rasa mcm mau tumbuk sudah bah kau sekarang ni!" ..

On that very moment i heard that phrase, i know I've lost him. Who could ever hit their own friend? Who would make you yourself feel disappointed because of something you have never done? Who, in the name of a friend, would ever make your own self be afraid of them? And WHAT KIND OF FRIEND WHO WOULD HAVE EVER THREATEN YOU LIKE THAT? i know i have done something wrong. I had even asked for an apologize but something in me have told myself a lesson : you have just lost a best friend!. And...

Please be no faith to anyone else you consider best friend. They maybe someone worth to trust, but one thing is that when your conversation become more and more deep, you'll know who they really are and what lesson is that you may learn from them : repentance.. I hate to write this but i need to be myself! Telling the world is something i must do! Share it with them your lesson! I don't really unprestisizing him to be a best friend anymore, NO I DON'T! we are still friend, but what have i just learned, will going to make everything change.. Anyhow, nice to have you as a best friend! You are my best friend ever! The bestest friend i have ever HAD.. Thanks for all :D

and before i forgot,



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