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Monday, August 16, 2010 | 8/16/2010 12:12:00 AM |

Okay so there is this one boy who we believe living in his own world. He always boasts around about how systematic is that the way he manages his life. He thinks he's the only one who could have done everything perfect better than anyone else in the world. This boy you see, likes to see everyone's failure. The failure of yours could have been happiness for him and even all his friends don’t really like his only attitude. One day, he was off the village and went to another place where he thinks he can show all of his power and control everyone around.

Of course there's a place for him to do what he wants, in fact there isn’t any disagreement with his choice and the villagers. They like it when he gets himself out of their innocent face! Talking about what he is doing, the king has surely given all pass to him doing what he wanted to do... But how could this happen? We all know him well... He always tries to take advantage on anyone around even the king! I myself don’t understand why your highness is being so blind on his true identity! How pathetic!

To be shortened, when he finally got satisfied of what he wants to do, he goes back to the peaceful village and once again boasting around of his glorious victory... Well actually, there isn’t any good news to be heard but they just have to put their ears on him. They really hate it when he makes up stories of how he has done something to be a pride for the villagers but they actually couldn’t do anything because his words would enough be a sword to make them dead. Well this story will never have an endin

g until the day everyone moves in to another place. That would be the happiest moment for the villagers.

They never will understand why this boy becomes more and more immature day by day. He is like having a retarded thinking and the

worst thing is, it is getting worst. Have you ever imagine when someone telling bad things about some other person and making it like the most disgusting thing ever existed in the world? Well he would be the right subject I shall point to. This boy whom I mentioned just now, tend to be the winner of all games. Even small things like planting seed, he would never accept it when one has planted better than he was. Living in the same place as he does is as likely as living in a hell.

How couldn't everyone be hypocrite when he is around? Being an angel in front of people and stabbing them right into their heart when we are away. This is like the worst thing we can ever feel. When he knows he was wrong he will going to pick a victim and let everyone know that it is not his fault and the one being a victim will be slaughtered. And same goes to this person; he never feels guilty or even has a pity for the innocents...

God gracious I hope something will turn this boy like normal and I mean as normal as everybody else. God, please bless this person. Have pity on him. Amen.

Go piss yourself!


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