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Une histoire de mon meilleur ami
Tuesday, August 24, 2010 | 8/24/2010 06:56:00 PM |
The ice is melting away,
and I'm still there watching
my feeling of you is undoubted
but I just can't say it...
and now you left me
or it is just my feeling
I just can't stand still without you

La glace se fond, et je suis toujours là, à regarder...

How life can be so mystery
and problems keep on meeting us
But my faith on you never will be away
Just like the ice
but I'm still there watching

La glace se fond,
et je suis toujours là, à regarder

Do you remember how we have spent our time together?
Of talking how different we are but still getting connected
You just can't understand how do I feel for you
but the Unfinished melody reminds us all
and how the ice melts away

Vous souvenez-vous comment nous avons passé notre temps ensemble?
De parler combien nous sommes différents mais toujours se connecter
Vous ne pouvez pas comprendre comment je me sens
pour vous
mais la mélodie inachevée
nous rappelle à tous
et comment la glace se fond...


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