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Skinny bone bones! - How to get fat in just 1 month!
Tuesday, February 01, 2011 | 2/01/2011 07:18:00 PM |
Spending my time today with my cousin is a lil bit joyfull.. 
She still has this drama queen thing but I love to chat with her.. :)
It was quite shocking for me to hear she address me saying I'm skinny...
Skinny? ugh! In this skinny-obsessed world that we live in, it’s difficult to believe that I would be interested in learning about the food items which are bad for us since they have high-caloric content. I wanna be like Noah Puckerman not Artie Abrams.. 
Surveying foods that can turn me into a giant walking marsmallow and here's what will gonna be in my menu for the whole month:

1. Breakfast Cereals

 Well, I usually don't eat cereals... I'll skip this

2. Pasta

A 2-ounce serving of cooked pasta contains only 75 calories. It’s the rest of the ingredients, such as the meatballs on the spaghetti which contribute to this being a high-calorie dish.

3. Peanut Butter

Spread a couple of tablespoons of smooth, salted peanut butter on bread gives you 192 calories!

4. Chocolate Nut Spread

A 100-gram serving of chocolate nut spread has 541 calories so you’ll really pack on the pounds by munching on these sweets.

5. Cheese 

One serving of the good old cheddar cheese packs a good 69 calories.

6. Dressings

Depending on the type of dressing and the amount that you will pour on to your favorite salad dish, it can pack 50 to as much as 85 calories for each 1-tablespoon serving.

7. Butter/Margarine 

Salted butter has 36 calories for each 5-gram serving. The calories should pile up, depending on the thickness of the butter or margarine that you’ll spread on the bread.

8. Chocolate

I hate chocolate ( most of them ) so I'll skip this too...

9. Whole Wheat Bread 

You can eat healthy and pack on pounds at the same time by eating whole wheat bread instead of the overly processed white bread. One slice of the brown variant contains 69 calories.

10. Guacamole (My favourite!!)

Aside from being good for the heart, a creamy batch of guacamole ups the ante in your weight-gain program. A 261-gram serving contains as much as 360 calories.

Well then...

I can't be sure if I'm taking this all.. 

Well, if you have some words I can use, why don't you share me some..


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