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Talking about the moon~
Friday, April 22, 2011 | 4/22/2011 12:58:00 AM |
Can you see the moon phases on the picture?
I'm writing this on 21 of April and the moon will still be bright tonight..
20 was the date It supposed to be fully emerged on the sky and regretfully I'm not home to enjoy the scene.
If only there's no test on that day,
I'll be home all night long riding my bike and taking pictures of the scenes.

Anyway, the next full moon will be on 17 Mei and still, I'm not home: having exam...
(and my hate is growing over tests and exams...)
I think Jun is the only month I can watch full moon in my house.
Last days I went home I could see how beautiful the moon was..
I was riding my bike to the nearest shop cause my family will be having a prayer that night.
The moon shined brightly and the illumination was reflected by the roof of the bus stop..

(Didn't have time to take pictures)

The only remorseful thing I feel right now is not watching the scene on my house yard,
Enjoying the scene when the breeze swings the lemon's grass
and listening to the cricket's sound of nature.
Why does everytime there's a full moon,
I'll be in my hostel enjoying the blockage of its scene.
My hostel is different, It's not a flat ain't it a bungalow..
It was built with 3 stores and I'm living on the second.
(Have you been into high school? Well it's just the same)
I'll be living here for another 2 years and a half and I'm not sure if
that can make me realized I'm studying for B.A Hons of Education..

I don't know why but this place reminds me of my primary school
(even my past was a whole lot better!)
Feels like I'm still studying to pass my UPSR again~
Le sighing~ ~ ~
Anyway, have you realized how beautiful the moon is?
We've been living with it for the rest of our years
(since the day we were born)
Try viewing it when it gets to full moon..
It's not that scary, but the sighting.... You'll never forget!

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