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And The Movie Marathon is officially declared!
Monday, May 02, 2011 | 5/02/2011 12:12:00 AM |
OMG I'm addicted to blogging but don't really have the idea what to write...
Plus I'm not a good writer...("+_+)
Is this a sign that I'm transforming into a nerd?? But I don't even touch the cube!
BTW, I've seen two movies in a row this evening.. I'm going to talk about the first one first I've watched...

It's called The social network and as far as I'm concern, the movie is based on a true story which tells the lawsuit history of Mark Zuckerberg, the inventor of Facebook himself...
Mark is so freaking nerd (I presume?) and a punk also...
Well, I'm using Facebook too as it's the most famous social networking of all..
(Done a survey report about it in my campus together with my team mate, Allesandro Albert and according to the result, Facbook is conquering the list in my college... followed by friendster, myspace and another 2,3 social networking sites) See for yourself!

My point is, I'll surely give Mark a total salute as he's the richest kid in the world...
The script's kinda freak me out though cause it's hard to understand the language of computer programming and economic management but I managed to watch it until its very end..
I never knew the history of Facebook creation is so complicated...
And still, I have to admit that Mark is actually not the real creator of the site as the ideas didn't actually come from him..
He supposed to co-operate with the real founders of the site but I don't know why he ends up with being selfish and stingy... What a shame~
Do you know that there used to be a word 'the' before Facebook?
Seriously Mark? 'THE Facebook'??

Starting with the second movie,
The losers....
Have you seen A-team? Well the story's just the same.. Some 'deceased' soldiers are back for their revenge, trying to clear out their files and accuser and bla3 yadda3.... (only that this one is much worse, too much talking and gun firing but less action and fighting scene... The strategy used is also very lame and not so cool at all - What kind of special force are they in?)
But what I like about the movie is because the hilarious mood it brings forward as of course it's a comedy movie.. 


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