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Puking Depression!
Sunday, May 08, 2011 | 5/08/2011 04:55:00 PM |
I am so depressed right now...
(and listening to Jar of hearts by Rachel Berry of the Glee cast is making it more irresistible - She's a f**king talented singer whom I admired the most!)

I'm running out of money and problems didn't really solved when I bla3..
Looks like I have to fast this week! (again~)

Talking about this week, finally it's the last week I'll undergo
before facing the last term's trial...
Study week is just a name here though...
First of all, students are given the Calender of the College and stated there
our study week is about to start!
Study week my butt!
Why do they have to be such a hypocrite?
Tulis saja bah minggu interaksi kalau betul minggu belajar tu tiada! nih... mau juga letak MINGGU BELAJAR kalau betul keadaan dia sama saja - Students MUST go to class as usual and... Shit! you know how a class goes on?! Why should I write it here!. Minggu belajar apalaitu?!
It comes to my thinking when I ask myself if they never have an undergraduate's life and reflect the way the have undergone, to our life.
Why should we have to be the victim?
Cut that off! I'm sick of talking something that can make me puke!

Let see, I have just watched the latest Glee episode and found out it's one of my favourite. I really didn't know the history of The Fleetwood Mac but thank Glee I finally learned something - to turn your unsatisfactory into something positive. I don't really know how should it start but I'll try my best.

There's a lot of things in my mind making me more DEPRESSED and I guess I need to keep myself relaxed and let them be!

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