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Songbird Going the distance
Sunday, May 01, 2011 | 5/01/2011 01:21:00 AM |

Hey pals,
It’s May now and I’ll be starting my Month post with an introduction of a movie I’ve just seen this evening. It’s called Going the distance... I’m not sure who the actor/ress are but it was kinda interesting for me.
Currently listening to Glee cast's - Songbird..
Santana's voice is so amazing plus the lyric is so romantic... I kinda fall for  this..
Glad I'm a total gleek...


Back to the mean time, the screen is all about love... Yeah...
There is this guy who broke up and found his partner in the same day. They then spent a lot of time together and unfortunately they just have 6 weeks to keep their love in the air for the girl has to go back to Stanford, continuing her study... They manage to keep their long distance relationship for about 3-4 months before deciding to separate cause they found out that this relationship is hard to be kept (in addition with the question they have to ask themselves: Career and Relationship.)

Well, what I like about the story line is because of the sacrifices they both made for their love ones. Well, it’s surely clear enough to have doubts about your partner when it comes to long distance relationship but they just keep their feeling for each other, believed each other and still are waiting faithfully to be together.
I’m proud for a couple who’s acting just like them. They undergo everything together and discussed a way out of their problems together too. I might not be a romantic person to act just like this Garret guy but he’s like... an idol! LOL
This is lame... I know~
Well, everyone deserved to fall in love but the hardest thing is to keep it locked in our heart. People might have this unhealthy thought about their partner and when it comes to the real truth, they won’t believe it. Sick freak, am I talking about myself?

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