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Live it today as if there's no tomorrow
Monday, August 15, 2011 | 8/15/2011 06:34:00 PM |
Now I don’t want to blabber bullshits about how imperfect the world is because I have much more to think about. I would like to make my personal review on a movie I’ve just watched last  night as it opened my eyes to see the world in a different view: Death. I don’t really take much concern to what have I asked for my friends’ movie collections but last night was different, I was
so bored despite doing my incoming assignments I wanted to get relaxed and finally clicked on some of mine. There’s this folder: THE BUCKET LIST which I thought would relieve my tension that day so I just played it on.

Needless to say, this movie was so inspiring. Rather than watching sick sissy Korean dramas in which the men are much prettier than their women (and boys here in Malaysia think it’s so cool, so they bought lots of Korean stuffs just to be like one), I would choose all of the stars they have got just to fill the movie’s rank. No offense!
BTW, THE BUCKET LIST is not just another movie you can watch so you will be as excited as any other fighting scenes, or as imaginary as those magical stuffs you’ve found on the deathly hallows. It’s an old movie though screened in 2007 and I’ve just realized I should’ve not missed to watch it. It is all about this 2 guys on their peaks of life trying to fulfil their entire to-do list before they depart from their ages. What makes it more interesting is when their personalities are a total different and they could still make their friendship worth more than their life’s residue. As the movie started, there was this voice saying how much we could have spent our life’s surplus when we are about to know the door to another world have opened to invite our soul. In all of that sudden, it struck my heart to ask the same question to myself. What would I do if one day I was told that I still have another year or a month perhaps, to live?  Should I be in panic? Or should I mock the world (or to God) that death doesn’t worth my living life before this? It’s much more interesting to remember all of the majestic things in this world I should capture with my eyes and to spend the entire of it with the one I care about. Spending our ‘what’s left?’ life with grief and sorrow is just another unrespected and disgraceful action. That’s why we should believe in the phrase ‘Spend your life like there’s no tomorrow!
I was so surprised when the two of the main characters of the story were strangers to each other and still believed that they should have spent their 1 year left doing the same thing. That was the real thing which turned my thoughts up on the wheel. Friendship grows from strangers and real friend wouldn’t mind to share. From the movie I’ve watched, there’s this part where Egyptian’s God were brought into the scene. For the Egyptians, When they are about to enter the Heaven’s door, two questions are being asked to them:
  1. Have you found joy in your life?
  2. Have your joy brought happiness in others’ life?
Now ask this within our own. It doesn’t mean there’s another option to enter another heaven, no, but let us make these questions as for our own life’s reflection. Have we really done all this or that to find happiness and then pass it on to the others or have we been so selfish not to share things we’re borrowing from God?
It made me cried inside when the movie comes to its end. Lots and lots of things I’ve really done before meeting another real world perspectives but I don’t really realized it. I think perfection is so important and I just let it go through me. I’m not perfect and neither am I strong enough to face death.
What a really opening mind movie people should watch
without being as sceptical as I am.

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