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Astral projection
Sunday, September 18, 2011 | 9/18/2011 03:27:00 AM |
I haven't been blogging today as there's nothing much to do else than doing my assignments... And I realized how a total suck it is reading lots of words I can barely understand. BTW, what am I going to write about today's morning is all about astral projections. According to Stephen Wagner, 2011 in an interview with the site, Astral projection is the ability to leave your body. Everyone leaves their body at night, but before they do leave, they have to put the physical mind to sleep. Most people don't remember this, but when the physical mind is asleep, the subconscious takes over, and this is usually when you do your astral projection. In other words, everybody does it, but they just don't remember doing it.

I was interested to learn more about astral projection due to the fact that I have watched Insidious, so I googled some of the mp3s I can listen to help me sleep and it didn't actually help me a lot (although I couldn't remember anything). But it surely helped me in one thing - waking up early (as there is this one song where I can hear a woman's voice in a far distance). Sound a lil bit creepy to me.

It's your choice to believe it or not but I suggest you to try one and see if you can watch yourself sleeping on your bed. Here's a site relating astral projection to Physics concept but be aware to these risks, you can never come back to your body again or you could get lost in your own dream. (Although I did try...)

Here's another experience.

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