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Sighing Day
Monday, September 26, 2011 | 9/26/2011 09:13:00 AM |
*Le sighing~

I thought everything has ended but it did not. There's still a lot to have on my thought for. I can't really wait for my examination session. I'm not saying as if I'm confident with what am I going to answer, I just want a confirmation about not having anything to think about (plus I'm missing home and I really can't wait holidays).

Btw, I love how the day greeted me today.

Haven't met Mr. Rain for a very long time!

Then again, I'm glad the days of presentation are over (or haven't they?! - in the style of Peter Griffin). Since the day I continue studying here, presentations are so common and it also means that students have to find all information just to get a good grade. Well, of course I agree with the those situation as an undergraduates routine, but sometimes LECTURES will also be underwent with students performing presentation... Wait?? What!?

Saya cakap betul punya!
Tiada istilah KULIAH digunakan di sini... Semuanya TUTORIAL (Kelas biasa). Live with this people! Fact is a fact!

*Le sighing
Now if you will excuse me, saya mau buat tanda bacaan di Tugasan A saya. Sekian~


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