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The Sleeping Dictionary
Thursday, September 29, 2011 | 9/29/2011 09:43:00 AM |
Last night before, I stayed at room, watched movie again for I have nothing much to do. So, there's this movie I watched and I couldn't help myself but to share with you. The movie is as titled The Sleeping Dictionary. I played it when I decided it has attracted me most (because of the title - I thought it's a horror movie).

The beginning of the movie showed me how it happens in Sarawak earlier in the 70's. Isn't this interesting? A white man movie in my Borneo? I'm actually not really good in History class and I hate remembering dates and facts but I forced myself to watch this movie until its very end.

The actual story is all about this white man's (named Truscot) love story. He engaged Sarawak for civilization of the Iban people but made a great deal with mistakes because he fell in love with an Iban girl (Selima) at the long house . The sleeping dictionary is actually a term made for girls who have to sleep with the colonizer to teach them how to speak their mother tongue. As far as I'm concerned, this movie is (or was??) banned here in Malaysia. That' a mistake! I think it's interesting enough (probably because I live in Borneo) if all Sarawakian watch this.

Another fact that I have fallen in love with this movie is because of this Iban girl (I totally thought she's a Sarawakian - or perhaps an Asian). She dances, speaks and the way she walks is totally just like she's an Iban. I got really interested to know who she is for I have never seen her in any of a Malaysian movie before.

Here are some of the screenshots I've captured:

Selima is so beautiful!

Funny to think as she lives there now...

Selima with her barait...LOL

Henry, The head man of the Long house, and Selima (with her barait also LOL)

Good Lord, do you know if she's actually Jessica Alba? I'm so proud for her to accept that chance to act as a Bornean. Ain't she beautiful in that suit?

*Le impressed

Some pictures I've googled:

Well although the story is not true, but it really touches me. Truscotts has to make a hard decision at the end of it and if you wanna know more, I recommend you to watch this movie.



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