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Sometimes a little more WATCHING can take us up~
Friday, September 16, 2011 | 9/16/2011 11:04:00 PM |
11:06Pm of 16 September 2011. (Selamat hari Jadi Malaysia!)
I've just watched a few movies today and here are some points to ponder:

1st of the list, Hantu Bonceng, a Malaysian comedy movie supposed to but I don't think I laughed enough when I watched it. Everything was just about people changing things to betterment.. Less ghost, less comedy, more talking... Yawn~

P/s: To Nanak, shouldn't be in your wanna-watch lists.

2nd movie for today, Final Destination 5. Gosh! I was like 'OMG OMG!' when I watched it. I can barely open my eyes as Candice fell out of the bridge and got thrust by the Sailing boat! Ewwww~ BTW, mostly it caught my attention (sometimes I have to wrap the screen off with my blanket LOL). Who would have guess I really adored the compilation of Final Destination itself. Never missed even a single of their movies. Totally recommending you to see this (but not for kids, people who suffers heart attack, pregnant woman, and jerks who would be so skeptical about everything!)

3rd movie of the lists,
INSIDIOUS! Such a heart striking movie! I totally got lost with it! Freaking awesome (although there's this one scene where I thought would be nonsense enough). But still, this is one of the most freaking scarifying white man movies I have ever seen, BRAVO~ The surrounding shows it comes from late 90's scenery (or 80's something) and this boosted my mood to watch it till its end. Perfect sound effect and perfectly acted! I'm gonna put it in my FavoMovies' page (in which I will create later).

Some screenshots I've captured while watching:

Sangat menakutkan kalau jumpa betul2!

Not forgotten there is still this one movie (I watched twice today): a compelling true story of an American Football player, Michael Oher. The title's 'The Blind Side'. Very much of my inspiring movies lists. Watched it twice for its breathtaking true story! A black guy living with a white family?? Will someday create a new special post for this (if it happens I rewatch this movie). But anyway, thanks to this gal for giving me this inspiring movie!

P/s: Tu movie Thailand yang jelly jelly x best pun. Lawak bodo bodo lagi tu...

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