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Unfixed day
Friday, September 23, 2011 | 9/23/2011 03:22:00 AM |
Looks like people praise God for only when it comes to Friday lately... Blame me not! Katy Perry instead.

Yada yada~

Not in a good mood today (yelled in class without any intentions - but I didn't scare anybody, did I?). BTW, there's something wrong with my blog and I just don't have time to fix it. If these black boxes (at the top of my left side bar) haven't GOT LOST after the weekends, I'm gonna s**t it up.

Tumblr is currently unavailable (blocked again!) and this would mean I have to start my day with Facebook (as so it seems!). FB is getting more unsecured. Everything aren't private anymore and changing my privacy account doesn't really seems to fix it.


Watched The Mother of Tears this evening and it sucked! Not rated by emotional judgement but it indeed was. The story is totally unacceptable because of its silly plot. Not recommending to kids though as it contains sexual body exposure.

and I'm done~

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