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Freaky Friday
Friday, October 14, 2011 | 10/14/2011 02:29:00 PM |
It's Friday and there's nothing much to do. This evening is so hot it's making me uncomfortable trying to have a nap. So, instead of doing nothing, I decided to wander around the corridor snapping pictures just to show you how incredibly hot the temperature is:

Sinaran Mentari yang terik boleh mengeringkan baju anda dengan cepat!

Gambar rajah menunjukkan baju yang telah kering

Keadaan asrama yang sangat panas telah menyebabkan semua penghuninya berkurung di dalam bilik untuk layanan spa semulajadi.

Kelihatan langit yang begitu cerah di situ tanpa kepulan awan yang menandakan hari akan hujan

Keadaan asrama yang kering dan panas ketika ini

P/s: What the deuce with those captions?!

I'll be home this coming Friday (that's mean next week!). Can't wait... Can't wait! Today's classes were a total different though... The actual lecturers who supposed to enter for their period didn't really show up and so, different ones have to come in. Voila! And there went our ELT Tutorial and of course the long been waiting, Macro teaching - but not with my team's turn (postponed as usual for the 3rd.. 4th?? times) and Monday shall it be. Anyway, Madame Z said something about designing a website - I guess she asked me to come up with one of our class's. That's actually not a big deal but the thing most matter is to choose a Web Host and I'm surely not going to pay for one. So, integrating our Technology lesson this term, I say I shall choose Tripod! But designing it only when I have my leisure. Madam has also told me to put in every biographies of me and my classmates' (together with our Social and Blog sites - since almost all of us have already owned one) just in case we need to share something. ~Interesting!
*Le excited (but not too much)

I'm reading books I'm currently borrowing from the library. Borrowed one of them for my newest readable source:

The Poet's Hand Book by Judson Jerome, a book of poetry teaching. I don't know what has came into me lately that I'm being so eager on poetry.
While for this book:

This is actually a compilation of the Greek and Roman myths and legends. Together with some European's tale, Stories of the Asian and African, Latin American Legends and some old evergreen songs, the editorial board of the American University society has chosen to entitle it 'Stories and Songs From Many Lands'. You can view some of the stories if you click on the picture. I've borrowed this book twice, because 2 weeks is actually not enough to finish all the stories. (P/s: Ever since I was a child, I have always admired the legend of the Greeks and Romans - remembered all of their god and goddesses and also every single of their tale... LOL)

And now, I would like to continue watching my anime I'm currently watching, Yu Gi Oh (and I accept any duel if someone's in for fight! - virtually and vice versa)

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