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Mortal Kombat
Tuesday, October 04, 2011 | 10/04/2011 10:08:00 AM |
Mortal Kombat XBOX 360 version reviews (as promised to the owner of the console - Mr. Udin).

Last week I've been spending my evening with a nice try out video game, Mortal Kombat, which has attracted my attention the first time I saw its reviews and thank God I did have the chances to give it a try. In times I have to play alone controlling every characters in it, I decided to complete the story mode (and I just did, yesterday).

Okay, to start out, this game is insaaaane.... I will never get sick of this game because there is so much to do. The test your luck, might, sight, and the other one is a great addition to the game (I've seen my juniors playing these modes and they shouted their words out so freaking loud!).
This is the first fighting game I have been playing since the one I played 2 years ago and it was worth it as I even got the chance to complete its story mode. Watching powerful God-like moves and floods of blood, that's what I'm talking about.

If you like fighting you will like this. Even if you don't play fighting games or never have, you should still get it because this game is totally amazing. The storyline is enthralling but the boss battles are overpowering as the beginner is considered having the same level as the medium one - which actually does not make sense (read this somewhere on the internet). But it is still fun and there are still extra game modes like the challenge tower and test your might, skills etc etc you can try playing (which will never bore you to hell).

Kitana is one of my fav, she moves very fast!

The multilayer is another nice thing to be played but you have to be fair and square (as there are try hard and also cheap tactics - which is always useful when it comes to Boss battle) but you might want to consider if there are people who are at your level. Definitely go in practice mode though to get consolidated with a character and learn their moves.

As an additional graphical enhancement, player can buy ( it?) additional goods in the krypt (be found in the game's menu). This mean,
you can, with the money you've collected, buy additional musics, costumes, artworks and a secret fatality move for each fighter. Let me give you a hint. Remember, there are 4 parts of the krypts:
  • Blod marsh
  • Dead lands
  • Hollow of infestation
  • Meadow of despair
Bragging rights, I've unlocked all of the characters though. LOL


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