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4 papers in a row
Wednesday, November 16, 2011 | 11/16/2011 12:44:00 PM |
I've got papers to sit this evening and amazingly I still have time to blog about it.. HOHO It's not that I'm too confident to sixth sense the questions but I'm just tired reading letters and words since last week. This semester is surely a blast for we have to sit a total of 5 different exam papers. The worse thing is to sit 4 of them in the same week yet after another day continuously to the next one and I can hardly revise S**ts... LOL

Btw, watched another Glee episodes last night and I like both of them. My huge crush over Santana is getting stronger and stronger LOL... Meet Dave too at the Gay bar and he's getting.. err what shall I say... Sober?? I love songs they've covered and I'm looking forward to the next episodes in which they are going to sing a mash up of 2 Adele's top song: Rumor has it/Someone like you. Both are also my favourita and they made a total 5 stars out of it! Bravo Glee!

Presenting.. The Troubletones

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