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Sunday, November 06, 2011 | 11/06/2011 12:10:00 AM |
Last day was a disaster. Not just that I ended up waking myself late (in order to revise), I have to sleep more again for a reason. You see, I went to the nearest pantry to have my face cleansed but something went WRONG! The floor was too slippery for my subconscious state of mind that I slipped over spreading all of my cleansing stuffs. That's not just it. I stand myself up again sooner after I've collected all those things and carefully walked to the taps. But I just couldn't stand the slipperiness. I stumbled again and this time I hit part of my body hardly to the floor, and that includes my head. I thought I was dying cause I could barely see anything. Plus, the world's getting darker and darker. I fainted... Yes, I fainted probably because of the collision on my head. I found myself lying on the water surface a few minutes after I woke up. With all my strength I still have, I stand up and once again collecting all of my cleansing stuffs. Crawling towards the door, I reached my room and have myself changed before crying my pain on the bed. I've fallen asleep a few minutes later.

Even now I can still feel the pain in my head. I bruised both of my arms and also my waist, congratulations! I hope I can still wake up tomorrow cause I need to go to the Church. I have to thank God for letting me breathe still (and not breaking my arms too cause I have papers to sit next week!). And I promise you, if people are not to be responsible for taking their bath in the pantry and letting the water just fill up the room not cleaning their mess, and of course if this situation happens again in the future (maybe it could be you next!) I have to report it so the pantry be locked. Come on man! It's for safety!

P/s: That's the first time I fainted after living the world all these 21 years.. LOL


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