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Source code (2011)
Saturday, November 05, 2011 | 11/05/2011 12:34:00 AM |
Watched another movie last night and I ended watching it at 3.01 AM. Briefly, it is the coolest fictional movie I've ever watched this era. The movie is entitled Source code, 2011. This action, Sci-fi and thriller related movie was rated 92% (!!!!) by the Rotten Tomatoes (!!!!). The screenplay has to be repeated all over again as there's only 8 minutes precious left in a memory bank of a train crash victim. I thought this will going to bore me but it's actually the one making the movie so interesting! It has a bad ending though but the director (Duncan Jones) made it so charming people will accept with open arms. The idea of Captain Colter Stevens (main character) living as another person in his own mind is really a bizarre but anything can happen nowadays. We might as well live with another different character at first before realizing the truth (just a theory).

Watch the trailer here:

I like the movie at first probably because it was acted by my all time most inspiring hero, Jake Gylenhaal (I thought the actor was Bradely cooper when it was about to begin). He really acted best as a captain. There's also a bit of love story created in the movie's atmosphere: between the coordinator of the device controlling his mind, between the woman in the train, and also between Colter and his dad - the love for his family made the story more interesting because of the fact that he wanted to get int touch with his dad badly and at the same time accomplishing his mission.

Now that's a movie worth watching!


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