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Saturday, April 14, 2012 | 4/14/2012 05:22:00 PM |
Hello, last post here in Kunak. I love it here except the fact that I had problems with some of the housemates. Yeah, conflict comes and goes but I still survived.

(Not to give you wild imagination of where I lived during my practicum days and here's the house)

Anyway, I love this phase (I mean my 1st practicum). I love the school and I like the teachers there. Such a waste to have only 4 weeks to go there. I still have the chance to wander to the river though. If only I can have my 3 months there, I will be more thankful than any trainee does :-) Going to school is such a bliss. I mean like,

4.05 Pm yesterday and I'm out of that school. We were celebrated with a simple farewell party too (told you the teachers are so nice). We didn't know some of them but they still appreciate us. Feels like a shameful thought of me to just left them like that. I hope the next practicum will be a brighter days ahead.

Practicum taught me a lot. About who I am when I'm in school... About knowing who my real friends are... About the bittersweet life a teacher has... Yes,I learned a lot from the very first day I'm here. It's such a sad story to tell but I'm thankful for them all.

and those are my students :)

I love mys students (some of them are truly adorable and others annoyed my guts) LOL JK. I missed them and I'm wondering how will my Year 5 undergo their next classes not knowing that I've last my footsteps there and they'll have different routine in Science classes again. :) I missed them much that I hope to go there once again.

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