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Dear Classmates
Wednesday, April 25, 2012 | 4/25/2012 09:31:00 AM |
I am so tired... of doing things alone and expect nothing much but for cooperation. Please understand my job as you all have undergone the same situation. You should know better than me, why do the opposite? I've just make something out of our zero information dashboard and all I need is just a lil bit of your cooperation to make tidy of that class. Please understand what we all have been through cause I'm still learning how to be a leader. I may not be perfect, that is why I asked for helping hands...

Ada yang merlarikan diri dari tanggungjawab~

But still, thanks to some people yang understanding and know what exactly she should do. I know they're busy, but I've sacrificed my time just for them too. I don't want to bloat around... I just don't accept their choices to do their job only in front of the lecturers. Don't be hardworking for fame! Do it for yourself. Kita semua ni sibuk but the different thing we have is how we managed our time.

And now,
saya sedang melarikan diri dari tanggungjawab saya sendiri... And do say bad things about me.. cause all the swear words will go straight to you too... I just want to share what supposed to be ours... It's time to learn some lessons... Saya bukan mau cari siapa yang bersalah... Tapi siapa yang seharusnya bertanggungjawab... Bukan semua masalah kelas saya pikul... Admit what's wrong and try to make something better out of it... bukan tambah buruk melalak di kelas (tapi sedar yang lain sedang buat kerja).

And I'm sorry for being such a jackass~

Emotional post.. Sorry~


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