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Glee's tribute to late Whitey Houston
Saturday, April 28, 2012 | 4/28/2012 03:55:00 PM |
I've just watched the latest glee episode 'Dance with somebody' (couldn't resist the temptation to watch them)... Glee is coming to its end... so emotional... I'm gonna miss every moment I've watched each of the episodes I have... Glee has taught me mostly everything.. Of being who I am... and this episode is really something.. I love Whitney Houston... I'm an Asian so some of my friends still freak that out. I mean.. she is really a wonderful singer; someone who contributed a lot for the world of entertainment. Just like Michael Jackson'd death, I sorrow the day she RIP. I love when the Glee casts tribute her an episode full of her song. Some are even my most favourite song.

Glee's dance with somebody is all about graduating. I have spend almost 3 years watching all of their broadcasting and never get bored even once. I will be having my last year of collegiality next year and the episode really does inspire me to cherish my last days here (it's no long to wait). I figured out that I have to fix every mess I've made here, even with some of my friends. I hated to see them hating me. I wish I could tell them this is the way I am. I respect their choice to hate me cause that's what friend would do. Glee has taught me to be humble, like Quinn.

Graduating would mean being a teacher for me. Mr Shue has really been an inspiring one. He loves his students and so are them. I want to be like him: a teacher who respects his students and let them choose their own path of life. He guides them, not control. I like the way he did cause I know I don't have the rights to judge anyone. I respect people's choice without any question. Just that, I want to be treated the same way.

Glee has taught me to let go of something. I know some of my friends don't like the TV programme and they even made jokes about it. It's not right but it's okay. I accept their choice not to watch them but please respect others vice versa choice too. You will not going to like it either if someone is making fun out of your choices of something so why do what we've said, right?

Anyway, Rachel and Santana has killed the glee club with their song. It's when I realized that was the first song ever singing together. I like the way how their friendship started (not by the fact that I love both of them the most). And talking about Blaine and Kurt... I have nothing... Nothing to say about them... I surely understand simply how cheating means everything to one and their significant other... Just that I hope I've learned the best out of that.

I'll miss Glee... It's still broadcasting though... but I like glee because of their current casts... I love their dramas of life especially when I know they're still in high school. I will always watch my collection of their episodes just in case I wanted to recall everything I've undergone watching each. Seriously, each episode is like a bookmark of my life. I've marked my days with them and it's hard to accept that I have to say goodbye to them one day....

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