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Lonely weekend as usual
Saturday, May 12, 2012 | 5/12/2012 12:17:00 AM |
Another lonely weekend as usual. It's funny how my roommate can easily go back home every weekend and I have all the power to control the room there forth. I love it though! I shall treasure every peaceful (actually with the accompany of a horrifying home-calling songs) private moments I have here whenever I'm alone. LMAO

My study week was a thriller! My days were haunted by the fact that I'm carrying the burden as a class monitor. Come on! I mean... It's the end of the semester and all with a sudden I was supposed to turn back time and started off fresh? That's bull~ This is the reason why I've been so emotionally messed up these recent days and I've changed into some jackass who thinks everybody hates me. Well, I respect that thought. Do whatever they want to, those don't matter me. I have enough with this studying tension and now there's another thread pulling myself towards a different direction. How am I suppose to study with that?

Slurppy Baby, come to me... I've missed you so much!

Sigh~ I should just watch movies by now. I'm sick of cracking books and didn't actually suck anything from that. Too exhausted to be a punching bag. And now dear me, as the king of the kingdom now, you have to do what's best for your countries: dig your peace and private time with some nice movies and go to sleep!

That should actually do~

P/s: My throat sores and the coughing sickness haunts me again. Remember me to buy another cough syrup.

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