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KSSR vs me
Wednesday, July 18, 2012 | 7/18/2012 05:27:00 PM |
Hello, when it comes to my realization, I noticed I'm the first one to teach KSSR among all my classmates (realized this when my lecturer said this to me yesterday). I don't have much thing to say about the new standard curriculum made by the ministry of education. It's not actually that hard because everything has already been planned in a module given to me. I just have to get the idea from the book and innovate it into something new and interesting. I taught Year 1 last term and dealing with the youngest children out of all the students in the school is quite an adventure. I love kids I really do... but an adult like me (especially teacher trainees) should also be aware of how active they are - I'm growing old already. They have the most of a live's energy and I know I should put my feet in their shoes eventually. Teaching KSSR BTW, is the most tiring one for I have to cover all the worksheets in the module just to teach a topic (literary saying one topic here). This is a burden for someone like me who doesn't have a source of income and I depended fully on my allowance. Thinking that I rent a house this term, I'm asking myself to save almost all of my money just to make sure if I was given this chance to teach KSSR again (pretty sure practicum teachers shouldn't teach that actually), at least I can still survive for another KSSR lessons. I just couldn't say no when the headmaster made me did that. I thought I should save my institute from being downgraded by the veteran teachers saying we haven't been exposed to the new curriculum and so I said yes. At least I'll get early experience teaching new stuffs like that and it actually did.

P/s: Kawan-kawan, KSSR sangat menarik dan memudahkan kerja guru sebenarnya (only if you graduated and have your own money)

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