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Me and Rio Febrian
Wednesday, September 12, 2012 | 9/12/2012 12:02:00 AM |
it's been long since my last post. I just have seldom leisure time nowadays and my entries are getting lesser and lesser. I'm listening to Rio Febrian's song, bukan untukku (after someone said about this song to me)...

I love Rio.. I love his songs and I love his voice - not really quite that strong but he has it. My favourite song of him would be:

and also...

The second song would really mean a lot to me. Decided that it would be a very perfect song for my mood last 2007. I love it because of the blissful lyric - too happy to be understood... and of course the choices they made when it comes to making video clips. Plus, something something which doesn't need to be publicly shared.... LOL. Jenuh is like being bored to someone you love and...yeah you know what I mean. I'm quite fond of the song but the lyric is just too.. what should I say... unattractive??

Anyway, I'll be too busy these recent weeks. I have more assignments to be done and received 3 more this evening (wasn't really mine). Well, more works to do.. Yeeaaayyy!


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