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Friday, December 07, 2012 | 12/07/2012 01:13:00 PM |

Well hello there, just in case I never updated anything, I’m busy preparing for the next Christmas celebration. I’m still missing my previous week’s holiday events but I’ve promised my friend that I’ll be writing this down. Since we still have another year round to be a finale for my 5 seasons of life back down, we went out having ourselves treated by a nice farewell part. It was me, Sham, Sandro, Elvy and Kak Liza whom accompanied me buying bus ticket and stuffs. The nice dinner was a blast and we ate until it’s too late to puke. LOL I can’t actually write the whole things in detail. Pictures will follow later. Anyway, the dishes were fine (although there were not a lot of them to choose). They were what we called steamboat (because not everything has to be steamed and I don’t really know where boat comes from). Sham has always been dreaming about having this thing so we planned it earlier (including who’s going to come with us). It’s not that we didn’t want certain people to come along but we just don’t want shits to come around and interfere with everything. While I was thinking if more will be merrier, I guessed merrier won’t count if annoyance disturbed shits going on LOL. It was Sham’s idea (and Elvy’s choice) to nominate who’s coming along with us. Plus, it’s the end of examination and we really have to find our inner peace. Lots and lots to be thought and my state of socialism have eventually restricted their nomination (and they have their own too). Well I guess we have our own kind of living and I’m glad we’re in the same thinking hat. Congratulations to those 2. I don’t really know what should I write down I’m full of last week’s memories. So there goes this story.

P/s: I can always edit this Sham, so read on!


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