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Oh my English
Sunday, January 27, 2013 | 1/27/2013 12:12:00 AM |
I haven’t been blogging much these recent months (as in starting a few months ago). Only realized this when I was about to be reminiscent listening to David Choi's songs. Looking outside the pans I saw scenes I've been looking at for the whole 4 years before. It was just a sudden when I tell myself that I'll not be seeing this shits anymore next January - and speaking of January, there's still another 4 days before this first month ended. It's been a week starting my teaching training and all I can say is... they were fine... There are 5 of us training in the same school so it didn't bore me much just like the olden days. The only thing I can't focus on now is when I have English as my minor subject. That's it, I'm going to teach in English and I barely am confident about this. Now that I talk less English in my daily conversations (compared to when I was in high school), my speaking skills is degrading. That's a problem. This morning I even found myself annoyed with my own grammar. I should have kept it consistent when I thought people will only going to make a fuss out of all the words I'll be uttering. I hate it when I was about to speak and they don't understand the points I'm delivering. I hate it when speaking seems redundant for all the ideas and jokes I'm going to share with whoever I'm talking to. Well what the hell, if people don't respect that, it's their problem. I'm just going to toss them for the sake of our skills. So long..

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