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At the peak of my busyness
Saturday, February 23, 2013 | 2/23/2013 08:26:00 PM |
It's been a few fine days despite I'm fighting myself with the disease I suffered since last week. I was diagnosed to have my tonsillitis again but crap that I know how it made me last year, this is surely not it. Feeling much better now after swallowing a sum of medical collections. I sweat too much recently though  I guess that's good to remove all the toxins inside of me. There's another loads of works I need to fulfill and the trauma that I'll be observed next week is haunting me. I don't have enough time when I think I procrastinate too much. This night is still on it. I need to rest but tomorrow's a big day for me - for that school actually. It's the first time I'll be participating in a real regional school's sport day. I thought I hated sport's day ever since I entered primary school but it's not that I'm participating. Getting back late tomorrow and continue doing my job. I really hope there's a transition between being busy and enjoying my recess time. This is surely a burden.

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