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And so it ended
Saturday, April 20, 2013 | 4/20/2013 09:08:00 PM |
My last teaching training has ended yesterday and I'm glad I've been through all those days I actually think was killing me. I don't know why but I missed my first class (of my first teaching practical) more. Too bad I didn't have any pictures with them. And now that I'll be back to SK Ranggu next July, it doesn't actually really bother me much to be sad. I will still be here for the next 7 to 8 more months and the chances to meet the school communities will always be there. Anyway, seizing the moments of the last 3 months, nothing costed me much.. 

Mentor, Edna and me

Year 4 Iltizam together with their Science and English teacher

I'm glad I've actually given the pupils something precious. It's not easy to bear people's mind when it comes to direct learning process. That's the longest period of my teaching training. The thoughts of providing knowledge to those kids wasn't really that easy. It has to come with great mind and great medium as to make sure they perceived the best. Presenting them with the right aids wasn't really matter if they can't accept the ways of teaching. I've learned too much from the school, pupils and both of my practicum partners - through both dark and bright side... and as a Science teacher, I'm touched with this: 

Don't mind the name. My pupils have named me names ever since I don't know when did it started. My point is, as a Science teacher, I'm glad I've made one of them be interested in the subject. I know it's hard with all those experiments and conclusions and bla bla bla and it seemed like I've made it easier for them to understand all those. The result? Some of them managed to get an A for their test prepared by the council of Headmasters last March  (and that's actually the first time for them to achieve the grade). I'm not bragging. I just happen to be happy to share this... and as a teacher trainee, I know I still have more to learn, to achieve... Thank you anyway to all communities of SK Ranggu Tawau. You guys are the best! See you next July!

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