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Those Days
Saturday, July 06, 2013 | 7/06/2013 10:56:00 PM |
So I went camping last Wednesday. It was actually a school event and strangely all the teachers were actually expecting us to involve. It was quite two days and a night to be remembered. Ended the first day with campfire together with some of the teachers. It was quite fun although costed me my sleeping hours but I didn't regretted singing along with them in the middle of the night. The choice of songs didn't actually surprised me. I grew up listening to Jiwang karat punya lagu so yeah... Since there were two guitarist there, the night became more gala... and by jiwang, I mean these kind of songs:

I could barely memorize the lyrics but they actually brought a book full of song lyrics. Wasn't a burden then. LOL anyway, there's this request to sing this song. The lyric was not on the book but it's one of my favourite  and forgetting nice song lyrics is not me.

There goes us.. Singing like there's no one sleeping around

Next day, we went jungle trekking at Bukit Gemok Tawau. I figured out I haven't actually entered a jungle in a very long time and I missed that feeling. What's nice actually being there was the moment on the canopy walk. The scenery was actually very breathtaking. I was told about that walk from my uncle and it took me 5 years to go there by myself.

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