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Monday, September 02, 2013 | 9/02/2013 11:41:00 PM |
I'm in my comfort zone right now. I'm done with my assignments (or at least I am). There's my action research report  I should come up with but I guess I should give myself a rest. I was okay until now that I heard myself being talked to behind my back. I'm done with all that. I'm sick with people not moving on with their past and still blaming me for what they became. Somehow I should just enjoy these coming days when I know it's nearing the end. By the way, welcome September! 2 months more being together with my colleagues and I'll not be able to live my life the way it used to be since 5 years ago.

I've got slides to be presented tomorrow. Finished making the slides ages ago cause there are only three of them. I'm anxious if I still add more but let's just say I know what I'm doing. I've postponed a program I'm conducting to this coming Friday cause there's a slight problem with my lecturer and I don't still get where's our next field trip would be and as a protocol committee, I'm having problems with the paperwork. Still tomorrow never dies, so I'll just solve it tomorrow. 

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