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Chances and luck
Monday, October 06, 2014 | 10/06/2014 06:25:00 PM |
It's been long since I write this wall up. I haven't figured a time to do so but since it's on my side now, I think I'll sketch a word or two. Yesterday, I taught something valuable to the kids that it opened my heart embracing what I'm undergoing in my current life. Growing up isn't actually as cool as what have I imagined when I was in my younger years. The only thing matters about being old is to have our own superiority actually. Nobody likes to be treated as a kid as long as they don't be one. We'll earn the respect we deserved as long as someone sees us as a dweller in the upper part of the social pyramid. As a kid (in those era), I never thought of this. I wasn't patient enough I usually found myself daydreaming of what I'll become. Now that I'm still in my teenage journey and currently having a career, they weren't just actually a dream. Some may have skewed a bit but I am still on the right track of what I wanted to be. The journey is longer and what I'll bump next, is all up to chances… and luck.

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