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Being Flirty...
Monday, August 03, 2009 | 8/03/2009 07:40:00 AM |
Hey guys,
What do you know about people being flirty?
There must be some reason why i don't pretty like them a.k.a HATRED
People should not hate each other i know cuz im trying to adapt myself with such a situation..

Flirty people usually don't respect the others relationship.. Yang satu orang pun satu, apa juga tujuan dia p melayan orang macam tu.. Macam x sedar ada hubungan sendiri.. Sekadar satu permainan, I know... but what if you all changed your side.. If being flirty is a game for them, why don't people make it general?.. Think of it!

Let say,
someone being flirty to the one you cherish the most...
And found out that they are only joking around...
What will you do anyway???

Sebab sudah kena cakap perlu saling memahami kan??
Siapa yang x faham saiapa kalau macam tu kan??

Back to the point...
What should you do when someone being flirty with the one you love??

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