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Heart brokened~
Sunday, August 16, 2009 | 8/16/2009 04:12:00 AM |
If sumone out there was as the same as the phrase..
Lets have some discussion..
Kenapa ada orang yang x boleh setia sama pasangan dia sendiri?
Will you forgive such kind of person?
Ada perasaan kah kamu?
Feel like what things have you shared was meaningless right?
Lagi tu kenapa boleh berlaku semua tu?
Mungkin salah kamu sendiri?
Think about yourself...
What have you done actually?
Mungkin kamu x menghargai dia seadanya?
Mungkinn kamu x jaga dia baik2?
Jangan fikir dia yang salah..
jangan menyalahkan diri sendiri juga..

Apa perasaan kamu sesudah menjadi seorang yang BEBAS?
Do you long for the past? Do you want to be tangled up?
What will you gonna do next?
Kalau jadi kawan saja x boleh?
How come you can be friend with someone who BETRAYS you?
I am so weird of why we Hate someone we used to love very much.. and then, For just a friend.. It goes vice versa... WHY???
Rutin harian kamu sudah berubah..
Accomodate yourself.. As what the words were saying..
Grows something NEW inside of you!

Anyway, Glad to be who I am today,now and then...
Brethren, You should appreciate who you are too..
Don't make pity of yourself cuz you were created With the greatest Love of all..

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