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Sunday, December 06, 2009 | 12/06/2009 05:22:00 PM |

Looks like I haven’t worked up on my blog these recent times. Anyway guys, howdy? If you’re reading my post here, probably I’m not around here anymore.

Cut off those hecks I’m done with jokes. LOL

It is just that I have undergone all of the trials this year. I’ve met a nice roommate though. He was a fine old father of his own family but what interesting was that the way he thinks is a lil bit of matured ( he’s nearly 30 of course ). It is just that I never have made friend of people like them before... I mean… studying along with someone older than me, what could’ve been anything cooler than that right?

I could have met him again outdoor but things could have changed. The way we used to talk,

“How’s life down under?”

“Hmm, I wonder… “

Etc etc… (You know…)

He knew everything about me though I did not tell him anything. I remembered he used to say it was quite obvious for me acting up my style or how did I tell people who I am, but it was just him who had shared the same room of mine in the freaking college. What I mean was that, He could have been understood me the most.

Never shall I forget someone who deserves to be called


BTW, how are you?

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