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Friday, December 10, 2010 | 12/10/2010 11:48:00 PM |
It's 3:48 am now on 22nd of November ( write now upload later )
and as usual I still can not close my eyes..
I wonder why it is so hard to sleep recently
maybe i just can get rid of my old habit
but i promise this won't last longer :)
I just miss how i am sharing my life's story
with my friend in this time :)
Well, it's good to be home but this holiday
will going to haunt me I'm sure of it...
I can feel how short this would be
because of the existence of business
my family will going to have....
Back to the mean time,
I'm writing new lyrics and composing
some simple rhymes just to get
intimate with the music industry (as if and duh~)
but anyway, this is just for fun and self entertainment...
the moon shines brightly tonight and i can see my surrounding
Perfectly there's no owl here :)
Im going to talk with the moon and share him my story
(well, Mr. John Mastro is not with me now LOL)
so... Let just beat the rhythm and sing along...

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