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Monday, December 27, 2010 | 12/27/2010 03:04:00 AM |

Currently listening to Dog days are over - Glee cast...

(hey, I'm a fan... A huge fan of Glee Cast) and I will never stop listening or watching their shows... It's 27 December now 3:09 am and I will not sleep... I mean yet... I've just looked on my calender and realized I have a few days before I'll be back on the place I'm not supposed to belong (who says I like it? NEVER!)
Forget about the cage....

Let us talk something nice... 2 days past after the CHRISTMAS DAY... and this year's is the most unfortunate one.. I've celebrated with some strangers and that was the first time I've celebrated Christmas out from where I've grown up... It's kinda awkward for me but I could still give 3.5 stars to the day... Well at least I celebrated it with my family that's what worth... It was also the first day of Christmas where I didn't get drunk (because of a cup of Whisky and 2 of the Grape's wine (??) )... Well, What can I say, I'm not into being drunk recently...

Let see... A few more days before New year day and that means FUN! Although new year means I'm getting older but it also means I'll be freed from my sentences a few years more...
There are things I never expected coming through my life these days... I didn't really get joyful with them but I guess I have to swallow them instead... What can I do anyway? Okay... so that's abstract... Well, I just need to remind myself of taking care on my own feeling!
Glee... This Dog days are over thing is sucked into my mind now... I'm being too emotional because of this song! Can someone tell me what does it mean? Well.. Let it be! I've created my own Twitter profile last and last week ( I didn't remember when?!) But I'm so glad I've created one... I've contacted some Glee singers plus their producer and gotten knowing Glee further! that's cool for me.. At least I won't miss anything about Glee right?
Everybody's asleep now except for me any my lil brother.. We never have had enough sleep but we don't mind.. That' what holidays mean! To enjoy things seldom appears to our life! I don't give a damn if you disagree with this bu cause that is so true!

As usual, we've just played Stronghold Crusader.. Playing multiplayerly among ourselves is always a must whenever we have the time to do so! And that is a part of holidays also...
God, I just need... You know what I wanted... You always do... In that case, I won't make it public... cause making my prayers public and being read by people we don't know who... is the most lame thing ever be done... Didn't they know?
Well.. this song really makes me go crazy!

Hey remember the Christmas post of mine last September? Well, finally I've celebrated it... And I still am choosing date to play the song in my house out loud... Couldn't say when but I will!
Christmas is the day we celebrate Jesus Christ's birthday and that means a lot to The Christians... and I'm amongst them... Together with New year's day... Both combination is a bliss! The most joyful thing on earth!

Merry Christmas to you all...

Have a very blast New Year!

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