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29 dec 2010
Saturday, January 22, 2011 | 1/22/2011 11:49:00 PM |
Last 29 Dec 2010,
I can not resist writing how joyful the day was...
Both my brothers and I were playing Stronghold crusader
when I realized my neighbour was about to get married!

And as her house was just a few cm away from mine,
why should I say no?!
I went there together with my 2 lovely cousins and have had the most
bizarre night!
Well, to make this brief..
We made our mind to sing a lil tribute song for the bridegroom!
Let me see... There's this "From this moment" from Jessica... "Without you" from Vell... And I sang Madona's "Don't cry for me Argentina"..
(after performed the song I was a lil bit glad because of the applause given to me - only when my mother came to me and said they don't really understand what song I've just sang....What??? and she asked me to sing another 100% full beat song.. Err??? suggestion?) Actually we sang a lot but those

were the most precious... I supposed to sing "take a bow" but I've found out that it was not of Rihanna's! How shame of my face! Lucky I know about this Argentina thing.... and I sang it magnificently like Rachel Berry cause I thought Kurt's is a little low... ( I think so.. A lil drowsy at that time)...

Not forgotten, there's someone singing this "I wanna hold your hand" in the version of The Beatles.. But since it was one of Kurt's number, I grab the mic from the DJ and started to sing like him! It was too high the singer can't take over the voice and I'm a lil bit satisfied! LOL... Well, you know.. This tapai thing can do you everything!

The occasion ended with my Dad's voice - yoku tanak kampung , a song from Jimmy Palikat...
My Dad can not sing such a high noted song, he has a bass voice.. So, I thought I could do something nice to cover the part and we did sing it beautifully.. Oh how I love to perform when I have the guts! LOL

I could not remember anything after that... Only the thing I've busted a move on the dance floor with my cousins... besties... Grandma ( Hell yeah! my grandma can dance!)... and parents...
that was so fun those were the only things I could barely memorize until now!

this is why I love to be at home.. Not the drinking part but I really love to spend the whole day with my family and those who I can get along with!
I love my Friends and also especially to my parents! Love them all!

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