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Saturday, January 08, 2011 | 1/08/2011 11:50:00 AM |


That is all I want to say on this post.
I don't want to talk anything other than that of I miss my family...
I've got another 3 weeks to go home having my CNY holiday and I'm looking forward to it.
there's nothing peaceful other than being at home talking with my family,
having reunion with all of them and having lunch or dinner together with them.
I don't know why should I be parted from them because I miss them very much and I love them more than I love anyone else. I have to say this!
There's a lot of things here reminding me of home...
You know last day when my mother and I were Waiting for my bus, I was like so damn sad and I cried ( I'm not ashamed of being sad to be parted from my home instead I can say anything here in my blog).
I told my mother how much I hate to be away from them and unfortunately my mother also cried silently for this. I hate myself for making her cry. I don't know why am I still feeling homesick though I know I'm a grown up man.
Maybe there's something in myself telling me that family is forever and home is always where the heart is. I don't care of anything else happening to me. The only reason I'm going back to this place is because of my family also. It's for my future because I have to take care of them when I'm a man someday. I just have to finish my study because that is what my mother told me so. Anything comes from her mouth is always going to be my first priority. She told me to go here back, I'll do that! Eventhough I have to sacrifice my own feeling. I don't know why the government have to choose this place for me! I don't know why they have to take away the opportunity of mine to always be with my family. Tell you what, if this is to teach me the value of being independent, it's just the same cause we learn independence from home, right under the hand of our parents. I don't know why they have to waste their own money to send me far away from my own hometown not thinking there's a place much more nearer for me to continue my studies. I don't know what will you thing of this but family is the most important element in my life. I don't know yours but it's mine. When you are about to send people away, think about how it might affect their feeling, think about how well they can manage their life back there! Put on their shoes first, you can not just say yes or no to something important talking about life situations. It's different for different people so why not ask them what they want and take 1 minute (only 1 minute) to think if it's really important for them or not.
Don't be selfish!
Don't push people to do what they don't want!
Don't be so obsessed with the power you have in your hand!
Be understanding!
Think about others' feeling or life decision!
If it's not important for you, think about how important it is going to be for them!
Don't be selfish!
I need my family to live and I want to be close to them... It might sound childish to you but not to me! cause family is always the one I need to live... and you should put them on your first list too!

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