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Mahua Waterfall, Tambunan
Wednesday, February 09, 2011 | 2/09/2011 11:01:00 PM |

Last Thursday.... 03 February 2011 was a day I could call joyful!
It was Chinese New Year so I’m having holiday of course with my family whom I loved very much. We went to Tambunan as my dad is working there here forth. Let see, from Poring Hot Spring, Ranau to Tun Sakaran Complex in Semporna to Penampang and currently Mahua Tambunan. My family is having a nomad alike life but it is surely blissful enough for me (sometimes I called them ‘leceh’ as I dislike being away from my own hometown). Well, surely I can’t   regret now because this place I’m going to tell you, is a place where I thought I can find peace and aramaiti of course : just as same as Semporna where my dad would bring us to some of the beautiful islands around the Borneo – Sabah only la.
            Tambunan, is a place I can tell... a place where it seems like I’m still in Ranau. The people are so friendly and the weather is just as same as if I’m in my village. Nothing I can tell more because you have to be there for yourself. My dad is working for the tourism section for the government that’s why he would always received the memo telling him to move. Mahua waterfalls, is a place located in the Crocker range of Mount Kinabalu: the highest mountain here in South East Asia. To get to the Mahua waterfall, visitors have to trek 500 meters into the jungle. It was nothing for me and my other siblings. Instead, 500 m is like a few rulers away as snapping pictures and jungle trekking are always fun they can suppress our exhausted mood.
            I was a bit surprised seeing the waterfall (I thought it was just as small as some waterfalls I have seen before). It was an awesome sight! Fabulous indeed! The surrounding place is too damp because of the splashing of waters up from the heaven! We didn’t really go and dive but the moisture is just too unbearable for our shirts it got penetrated through our skin and got wet for standing too close from the waterfalls.
            My little brother was telling us the history about the waterfalls but it didn’t suit with it. I didn’t really pay attention as my eyes were too seduced by the amazing sight in front until my little sister said something about Pontianak. LOL! They said the story goes on like this... (woooOOOoooo~)
            “Dulu-dulu ada kunun sepasang kekasih yang datang la p di sini.. Diorang             ambil-ambil la gambar kunun.. Bisuk-bisuk bila diurang p cuci tu gambar, tu perempuan dia betukar jadi puntianak... pastu tu perempuan pun meninggal sama tu lelaki jadi gila”
            At that moment, my other sister and I looked at each other and start questioning, ‘where’s actually the waterfall part?’ And we all started to laugh. LOL!
            Anyway, if there’s really a story behind the waterfall of Tambunan, I would like to know it with all my curiousity!
            Some pictures are being snapped and see for yourself. I’m glad my dad was transferred to this very beautiful place and I’m looking forward to have a full gleesome picnic time here with all my family members next time.

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