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Friday, March 25, 2011 | 3/25/2011 11:47:00 PM |
It's 9.33 pm of 25 March.
I've just called my mum and it ended suddenly. I realized my prepaid credit has come to its end! Lol! Sure thing is, I’m going to reload it and call them again tomorrow! Listening to Same old lang syne by Dan Foogleberg now. Really wanted to have another holidays... or perhaps the end of my undergraduates?! I hate filling my teenage with stressful assignments and watching the same frustrating adults face each and every days! God I really want to end this!
Anyway, talking about some heart opening event... I’ve always asked myself the same old question since the past few years – “WHAT HAVE I ACTUALLY DONE LAST WEEK?” Just in case I wanted to be aware that I’ve underwent 1 week full of torture and headache. But this time it’s quite blissful. Last week was actually my birthday and there’s a party around the house (not actually celebrating mine but you can keep that posted...)
Last Friday, I’ve had another gleesome holiday with my family and we went to Tambunan again. Realizing there’s nothing much enough we can do that day (supposed we’ll be back at that night but my parents changed their plan), I asked my sisters to join me hanging out outside of the house. Well, it was a calm evening and we had a very relaxing and joyful and whatsoever-synonyms-of-happiness-I-can-memorize...moment. The hang out evening was filled with a lil coffee break and cookies. What a very precious moment I will surely going to miss most... The preciousness was then fulfilled with some karaoke time when it comes to half past 4. We surely had some rhythm there especially when the glee karaoke videos appears in front of this black-shiny thing’s screen. LOL! And the most amazing thing was that we were spreading those rhythm of love still...outside of the house!

Well the dawn was surely so freaking cold so we decided to go inside. Took dinner after that and waited for our turns to take showers. While it was mine, there’s some strangers came visiting and it was when I realized that there’s actually a party down there at the office of my dad and they came asking us to go there too... Who could really say no when my sister said she wanted to contribute some of her Gleeky Voice (and my younger brother really didn’t want to go down because he’ll be missing his limited video game time – very much of his anger lagi tu).LOL... Well it was merely a disappointment when we arrived there (have a duet of Tiada lagi – Amy Search and another English love song – I forgot the title... with my sister though) but not so much of it because we have met a lot of friends and tell you what; Tambunan really does have a very FRIENDLY people around!

“Blame it on the alcohol!” says the Gleek and so as it was! I was too unconscious that night (the youngers have already gone home) and the thing I barely remembered was that I talked too much with those people, have made a new best friends with some of them, have them sent me home (I can’t walk anymore... lol) and bla bla blas (getting embarrassed)... The next day I woke up, my mother said something new to me...

Diurang semua tu jaguh-jaguh tu kalau moginum...

We just laughed then because before this I thought only Ranau people were well known of being the drunkards. FTW! LOL!
BTW, I really have had a blusterous blast night and I won’t regret any of them! That day was one of the most interesting of all my life. Surely wouldn’t forget any precious moment of it.
And if I was given the chances to represent the day as a song, I’ll sing “Landslides by the Glee cast” to my family and the lyric represents how much I feel about them!

Miss them so much and next full family reunion, I’m going to spend it with all of them without any hesitation!!!

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