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Good Friday: a day to be remembered
Saturday, April 23, 2011 | 4/23/2011 01:34:00 AM |
I've been writing too much this month..
probably because of my rapid adrenaline secretion :P
Anyway, today's one of the greatest celebration for all of CHRISTIANS..
Last night I went to church with ONLY some of my friends
praising and enthroning Jesus as our savior!
And the moment I thought touched the bottom of my weary heart was
when we received the body of CHRIST...
I remembered the first time I received the bread of heaven and I missed it really I did!
Took the chances to learn about HIM when I was 11 years old.. Pretty young right?
Been serving HIM faithfully for 11 years now and won't ever get astray!
It only took 2 years for my cousins, my older bro and I to 'grad' from the course...
Since the day I was baptized, I've got 2 birthdays now
(as baptizing means reborn)... That was being in my note because of my brother..
Well some of us didn't really know the meaning of the Holy water,
I hope we'll take as much concern to learn more about our faith not only dwelling on its name..

Today's GOOD FRIDAY! And I'm writing this because of the inspiration from some of my siblings..
I'm the only one not preaching so here it goes...

The mass started at 3 o'clock in the evening...
The first reading was in English and the second one started off as Bahasa..
Now this is the most interesting thing,
the moment we read the gospel was so touching...
I kinda have a vivid image of the day HE was crucified and the moment JESUS said
"Selesailah sudah"...
My tears rolled down and I wiped it as fast as I could just in case nobody noticed..
(Si Mark di sebelah, nasib baik dia tidak perasan)...
That moment, I've asked myself truly: If only the scene appears just in front of my eyes, will I have enough courage to protect HIM?? :-(

Dearest brethren,
Good Friday is the day we must celebrate to remind us the death of JESUS CHRIST,
HE died because of our sin and because of HIS greatest LOVE for us..
So, why did we refuse to spend one day (just only one day) to give thanks to HIM for HIS redemption?

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