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The Last of the stars
Saturday, April 30, 2011 | 4/30/2011 12:31:00 AM |
It's the end of APRIL and Good Bye to April Rhodes... LOL
BTW, This will be my last April post so I don't mind writing bullshhhhhhhh~

I've just received my latest Glee episode (Born this way) and still waiting for the next's (Rumors - If I'm not mistaken).. This month is kinda the busiest I've had this term despite the night I've spent vigil for my ASSignmentS...

Keep repeating to listen to Declan's number - The last unicorn..
Dedicated this song to dearest April, 2011..
Never gonna meet you again huh...

I've had a nightmare really last night!
Woke up nearly 4AM and feels like someone was standing outside my windows watching my sleep..
(I live in the second floor!)
Tried to sleep again and let it be but this Old hag syndrome was keeping me barely unconscious...
So I tried to resist it and wake myself up from the bed as sooner as I can...
Went to the toilet and saw SOME (...means not only one) white figures roaming across the hostel doors..
(S**T! Paduli la~)
<----- that proved my over-pressured state of mind! Getting annoyed by my ASSignmentS cause it's making me like a FREAKING CRAZY dude!

Forget the nonsenses,

I always wanted to write about the stars ( the one surrounding the moon)...
When I was 10years old, I remembered a night I have to walk home from my grandparents house with my family... The stars were dazzling so brightly that night and my cousins, siblings and I can't resist our eyes from keeping a keen sight over them!
I can still remember that moment until today because it's the Christmas eve and we thought we saw Santa Claus when one of the star is moving west! That's when we realized it was just a plane LOL
Well, I ain't gonna forget that! and that's the closing of my April's post... Because I really am MISSING my family... Love them so much! :*

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