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Muggle Muggly Mugs~
Monday, April 18, 2011 | 4/18/2011 03:03:00 PM |

I've been collecting a lot of mugs since the past 4 years..
Well, not only me cause my other siblings are contributing to the house collection too..
It started with my first attraction to one of the zodiac mug i bought on 2008 with my sister (I've lost mine) :-(.. 
I thought it was so special so I asked my sister to buy one for her too.. 

There's nothing ironic about buying mugs, I know! But what satisfy me is the sophisticated looks of those thing.. Since that day, I started to buy any mugs I got attracted with, no matter how ridiculous it might seem to other people.. Well this picture I've uploaded shows some of the collection but not all of it was bought by only me.. My older brother has been given some of it and it was so cute.. My sister who is a coffee addict (wait a minute, where's the brown mug?) has also bought some of them and my other 2 youngsters were a decision makers whether it's comfortable to be seen or used with.. Can you see how cooperative we are? Lol!

Anyhow, Mugs are too special for me, it last longer, it comforts my drinks, it completes my collection and so forth.. 
 I love mugs (but I'm not really a freaking mug lover).. And we (my siblings and I) are really enjoying buying mugs (selected only)...

There lie my mugs,
With smooth ears I can hold with.
And watching them standing alone
in cold damp air : more than they can bear,
gives me the feel of tenderness.
The whistling boiled water
rustles through the air,
signing how they must prepare.
A cup of tea for my enormous moan,
A sip on the water,
on the mouth of my mug,
returns me such a god-forsaken stare...
Deary little mugs of mine
Everything will be fine...
~Eric Exodus

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