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Let's call it a day
Friday, May 27, 2011 | 5/27/2011 04:45:00 AM |

I have undergone my week with lots of pressure from my mid-term examination..
I'm not really confident about passing my exam but I'll have my faith in it!
I answered like a piece of shit for every papers especially Physics and English.

Finally the day I've been loong waiting for is here..
I'll be stepping my foot on my house a few hours more and I really can't wait to do so! (macam saya baru datang sini semalam dari yang bulan satu nih - xsedar 5 bulan dah pulak)

Just watched the finale Glee Season 2 and I thought it will end like a pain in the ass but something went different...
 I love how the story goes (as usual as every episodes I managed to watch from their shows) and how it ended with solving every drama they confronted during the week.
And from my previous post, I'll take back my words... There are still an upcoming season (and I'm damn Jollied!) and furthermore the casts are not changing (cause they said they still have another year to graduate - wait~ aren't they supposed to be 17 this year???). So, there are still Rachel, Kurt, Will, Sue and all of them!

It made my day (I'm still staying up so I won't be late for the bus this morning).
I can call this a day! 

p/s: Going to sleep in the bus~ I'll be taking a long long long (safe perhaps?) journey...

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