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Piece of my family's time line of history -
Wednesday, May 04, 2011 | 5/04/2011 06:00:00 PM |

I've always remembered my late cat who has faced the chaos of death last December. Although his death was a little bit horror but it never actually came across to my sibling's attention.
The history started in 2003 when my Aunt's cat gave birth to some cute tabby kittens and decided to give my sister 1 of their's...
            My sister was a bit too stubborn though seeing no peer for a lil poor kitten taken away from its mom so she decided to take 2 of those. We treated them like royal cats since (because those two were the 1st life matters we're obliged to). We put them in an empty hut behind our house and went by to pet them every time after finished school just to spend most of our time with them. I remembered one evening when my brother went to a course camp for his coming PMR exam and it was about time to tidy up the messy hut, so my sister and I gave a little clean up to it so it would be comfortable enough for the kittens.
            It was when we realized to call them with names. Since there's a popular cat cartoon show that era so we come up with the names of the character themselves: Sagwa and Sheegwa. Well, they have grown up too fast I couldn't realized. Unfortunately, Sheegwa suffered an unknown disease where she would throw up in no times and blood will eventually flow out from her genital organ.
            A year after, she died in vain and I was actually struck up with that news. We buried her carcass afterward and it was just Sagwa who accompanied us without much misbehavior. We pet Sagwa with all due love and caring we made him more chubby and cuter day by day. He was like Garfield for us (despite the way he acted which is just 100 percent a twin of Garfield) and would surprisingly give much attention when we called him names like 'pemalas', 'si babi babi', 'hensem' etc etc... It was just sad to find out that the carcass next to our house belonged to him when we came back from Penampang last December.
            I bet he was beaten to death by some gangster dogs when we were away. I missed them a lot but at least I know we have fulfilled our duty to take care of them as a whole family... and this post will remind me in the future that there were two members of our family who have undergone the same passion, joy and difficulties with us until the very day they rested in peace.

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