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The Woman I love the most...
Wednesday, May 11, 2011 | 5/11/2011 03:59:00 PM |

I have always wanted to write something about my Mother when it comes to Mother's day. So, here it goes...

Since I'm suffering a terrible disease of homesickness, I know how it feels to be tortured emotionally being away from the cares of my home. My mother understands this the most.
            When I was in my childhood, I have never even experienced waking up first before her, I don't know how to say this but my Mom is a very dedicated person towards her children. Even she's too busy the day before: she has to sleep late yet she will always be the first one to wake up next in the morning doing chores. 
              I always admire her for being such a strong and hardworking mother ever despite her thinking about being exhausted or tired. She knows all our stuffs in school, that's why we never failed a single subject. She knows how to cure us when we’re down. She will always be there when we need a helping hand. She knows every single thing about us even those we called secrets. Yes, she knows everything about her children.
            Whenever I'm confronting troubles here or having problems with my studies, I'll call her first with the intention of seeking spiritual strength. She has a lovely voice and it calms me down. I always spend at least a few of my moments every week just to call home. This will make my heart feel nearer to them and the first person I’m going to talk with is always going to be my mother.
         I can’t imagine what should I do to repay her back for every deeds and loves she has given to me. It feels like I owe her almost every inch of the world, though I know the only thing she wants is for us to feel happy, that’s why I urged myself to be here in this depressing place we called college. I have to create my future so I can stand my family to survive in this cruel little place we called earth. My mother’s happiness is everything though I have to sacrifice mine. I don’t care of being hated by everyone else, that’s their choices. But at least suit it with the right place.
            I remembered a week I spent in my room with only sleeping – suffered the worst fever in my life during 2004. It took almost a week of my holiday to make me feel better that I can’t even stand on my own two feet and I’ll vomit everything that went in to my mouth. Thanks to my mother, she never turns her back on me that time though I’m being a little burden. I’ll have her in every prayer I made for God since. I know I should thank God for giving us the most wonderful women ever in the world.
            Mother is always right and I agree with the motion. My mother always tells us what to do and amazingly everything she said will always going to be true. That’s why every time I have decisions to make; I’ll always ask her first. Even though the hardest decision to make sometimes is the right thing to do, I’ll go through it only if my mother says so or she will end up saying...
Na kan, itu la tidak dengar cakap...
I always love my mother and I know she loves her children each and every day. Well we are growing as time passes by, but despite the increase of our age, we respect our mother more and more. Nothing I can compare with the grip soul bond we have in my family because the greatest love we can find is always here: right in the bosom of our family.

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